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Characterization of Fuel Gases with Fiber Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Sieburg, Anne; Knebl, Andreas; Jacob, Jikku M.; Frosch, Torsten
in: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2019) 7399

Common gaseous fuels are mixtures of several components. As the properties of the fuels can vary with the composition, but combustion needs to be stable, reliable analytical methods are highly sought after. Raman spectroscopic methods have proved their suitability for the characterization of diverse gaseous mixtures. They have the potential to overcome existing limitations of established technologies, since they are fast, non-consumptive, and accurate. Here, we demonstrate a gas sensor based on fiberenhanced Raman spectroscopy (FERS) for fuel gas monitoring. Online detection of all gas components, including alkanes, carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S), for varying concentration ranges from tens of vol% down to the ppm level enables a comprehensive characterization of the fuels. The developed sensor system features a pinhole assembly which sufficiently reduces the background signal from the fiber to enable the detection of C2–C4 alkanes occurring in low concentrations. Detection limits in the low ppm region were achieved for the minor components of fuel gases, which allow the online monitoring of necessary purification steps, e.g., for biogas. The obtained results indicate that fiber-enhanced Raman sensors have the potential for comprehensive online and onsite gas sensing for fuel gas quality control.

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