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Fabrication of self-assembled spherical Gold Particles by pulsed UV Laser Treatment

Schmidl, Gabriele; Jia, Guobin; Gawlik, Annett; Kreusch, Jonathan; Schmidl, Frank; Dellith, Jan; Dathe, André; Lin, Zhan-Hong; Huang, Jer-Shing; Plentz, Jonathan
in: Scientific Reports (2018) 1

We report on the fabrication of spherical Au spheres by pulsed laser treatment using a KrF excimer laser (248 nm, 25 ns) under ambient conditions as a fast and high throughput fabri-cation technique. The presented experiments were realized using initial Au layers of 100 nm thickness deposited on optically transparent and low cost Borofloat® glass or single-crystalline SrTiO3 substrates, respectively. High (111)-orientation and smoothness (RMS ≈ 1 nm) are the properties of the deposited Au layers before laser treatment. After laser treatment, spheres with size distribution ranging from hundreds of nanometers up to several micrometers were produced. Single-particle scattering spectra with distinct plasmonic resonance peaks are presented to reveal the critical role of optimal irradiation parameters in the process of laser induced particle self-assembly. The variation of irradiation parameters like fluence and number of laser pulses influences the melting, dewetting and solidification process of the Au layers and thus the formation of extremely well shaped spherical particles. The gold layers on Borofloat® glass and SrTiO3 are found to show a slightly different behavior under laser treatment. We also discuss the effect of substrates.

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