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Fabrications of Fiber Bragg Gratings Written inPhotonic Crystal Fibers

Wang, Yiping; Bartelt, Hartmut; Becker, Martin; Brückner, Sven; Bergmann, Joachim; Kobelke, Jens; Rothhardt, Manfred; Burnette, Dylan T.
in: Sensor Letters (2012) 1384

We report a two-beam interference method employing a femtosecond or excimer laser to write fiber Bragg gratings in the pure-silica and Ge-doped photonic crystal fibers (PCFs). The effects of the H2-loading and Ge-doping techniques on the efficiency of grating inscription were investigated by measuring the development of Bragg wavelength and attenuation in the transmission spectra with increasing exposure dose. H2-loading dramatically enhances the laser-induced index modulation not only in Ge-doped PCFs but also in pure-silica PCFs

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