The goal of this project is the development of LSPR nanosensors with increased sensitivity. To this end, the expertise of the participating groups in nanosensor design and realization will be pooled. The German group (Leibniz-IPHT) will contribute its expertise in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization (both ultramicroscopic and spectroscopic) techniques and provide a model biosensor assay based on DNA-DNA binding. The Colombian partner will contribute innovative approaches to the design and realization of multilayer nanosensors to increase sensitivity. The proposed project supports scientific cooperation with their innovative approach in the field of optical and molecular nanotechnology, addressing the field of bioanalytics. For this purpose, the technical competences will be brought in by scientific exchange of both partners. In addition, meetings and international
In addition, meetings and international conferences will be organized by both sides to build up a common network and to present and discuss the technical results of the project.

The project is funded by DLR, IB BMBF under the number 01DN20004; KOL19WTZ-004.

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