The following fundamental aspects are essential to the project:
• to investigate the ion irradiation energy influence to the pore formation in Si/SiO2 and Si/Al2O3 matrix;
• to evaluate the stresses in the Si/SiO2 and Si/Al2O3 interface before and after ion irradiation;
• to investigate the self-organization growth processes of metal nanostructures in porous matrix;
• to evaluated SERS activities of metal nanostructures.
There are two main aspects of “Self_Nano” project: fundamental and educational. First of all, our goal is to seriously try to provide for all the necessary components to integrate novel self-organized silver nanostructures and their assemblies as effective plasmonic surfaces. Educationally, relevant is the proposed research in the following aspects: propose project integrates research cultures of two different countries, which belong partly to universities partly to research facilities.

 The project is funded by the EU-H2020 MC ITN under the number HU 2626/6-1; AOBJ: 669876.