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Software Development

The Leibniz-IPHT and in particular the research department 'Photonic Data Science' develops and implements software packages to make certain functionalities available to other scientists and general users. On the one hand open source software packages are created, on the other hand graphical user interfaces for software packages are developed, which allow an easy use of the software packages. The latter development is carried out with the spin-off Biophotonics Diagnostics, which also handles the licensing of the software.

R-Paket 2d-Corr

Implementation of two-dimensional (2D) correlation analysis based on the Fourier-transformation approach described by Isao Noda in 1993. Additionally there are two plot functions for the resulting correlation matrix: The first one creates colored 2D plots, while the second one generates 3D plots.

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The software performs a one-click data analysis of Raman spectroscopic data in a robust and reliable way. A convenient and simple user interface provides easy navigation through all necessary data processing steps. At each processing step overview plots are produced to allow a controlling by an experienced user. These plots can be saved in PNG and CSV formats or summarized within a single report. The parameters of the processing steps can be controlled through a user-friendly graphical interface. The complexity of this interface can be adjusted accordingly to the user’s expertise level. Users can upload data and metadata, standardize Raman spectral data and construct various machine learning models including deep learning for Raman spectroscopic data. Then, these classification or regression models can be applied on test data sets, which can be unlabeled in order to determine an identity (classification model) or a concentration (regression model).

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