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Technologies for Photonic Solutions

Several key technologies form the technological base for the research fields and are also an important unique selling point of the Leibniz-IPHT.

Fibre technology and micro- and nanotechnology, with the fibre drawing plant and the clean room respectively, have outstanding infrastructural facilities.

The system technology brings together individual devices, sensors and components and enables the transfer into innovative and user-oriented functional models and demonstrators that are verified for the respective field of application. A major focus is therefore on the optimal implementation of the various hardware and software interfaces.

For the comprehensive acquisition and analysis of molecular sensitive data, methods of artificial intelligence (AI) (e.g. machine learning, chemometrics molecular bioinformatics) are being researched in order to translate spectra or image data into user-oriented information. This translation process is being studied holistically at the Leibniz-IPHT in order to ultimately make the measurement data optimally usable for special applications.

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