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Scientific profile

The research and development focus of the radiometry working group is centered on the implementation of novel sensor concepts for the detection of the smallest photonic signals (even as small as a single photon) combined with the development and implementation of concepts for the sensor readout, multiplexing, and processing of sensor signals. The developments include the entire pyramid – from the sensor to the system – with applications in the fields of spectroscopy and security technology as the main focus.
Furthermore, the interaction of light in the form of individual quanta with single artificial atoms and quantum metamaterials – combined with the development of novel detection principles based thereon – is under investigation.

Research topics

  • Imaging arrays of energy-resolving single-photon detectors for the visible spectral range
  • Far-infrared edge bolometer for FTIR spectroscopy
  • THz camera for security technology
  • Interaction of light with artificial atoms

Addressed fields of application

  • THz detection and imaging in security technology and the life sciences
  • Spectroscopy with energy-resolved single-photon detection
  • Quantum metamaterials
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