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A commercial structured illumination microscope is available in our work group (Zeiss Elyra). The sample chamber can be heated enabling live cell imaging.

We offer several MatLab packages such as:

  • A comprehensive deconvolution routine
  • A SIM reconstruction algorithm

For absolute characterization of residual absorption in optical materials and coatings, a broad spectrum of laser sources is available, covering a wavelength range from the deep ultra-violet (DUV) to the infrared (IR) such as:

  • Excimer lasers at 193nm and 248nm
  • Solid state lasers at 1030nm, 532nm, 355nm and 266nm
  • Diode lasers at 808nm, 940nm, 976nm and 1220nm
  • Tunable laser ranging from 213nm to 1100nm
  • Fiber lasers at 1070nm, 1550nm and around 1950nm

We also offer complete measurement setups for absorption measurements (LID technique) and high reflectivity measurements (cavity ring-down technique). Together with you we chose the most appropriate LID/CRD system configuration for your needs, assist you with eligible laser sources and design the whole setup including peripherals. Our service is completed by pre-shipping and final acceptance tests as well as on-site training.

For any questions or inquiries regarding optics characterization, please contact Dr. Christian Mühlig.

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