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Scientific Profile

The working group Statistical Modelling and Image Analysis works on the optimal analysis of spectrometric and spectroscopic data as well as image data (microscopic image data, non-linear multi-contrast images, atomic force microscopic images, electron microscopic images). To carry out these analyses, methods of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and deep learning, as well as chemometric methods are utilized. Furthermore, methods for the quantitative correlation of different measurement methods and for data fusion are developed. To support these analytical investigations, simulations of the sample - measuring method interaction are carried out. 

Research Topics

  • Machine learning for photonic image data, Publications [1-4]
  • Chemometrics for spectral data, Publications [5-8]
  • Correlation of different measurement methods and data fusion, Publications [9-11]

The work of the working group provides the basis for the application of new photonic methods for bio-medical questions. The evaluation methods are not only developed, researched and improved, but these evaluation methods are also tested in the application context, such as clinical studies.  

Addressed application fields

  • Bio-medical diagnostics using spectral measurement methods
  • Bio-medical diagnostics using imaging measurement techniques
  • Extraction of higher information from photonic measurement data


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[2] Shuxia Guo, Thomas Bocklitz, and Jürgen Popp. Optimization of Raman-spectrum baseline correction in biological application. Analyst, in print:–, 2016.
[3] Shuxia Guo, Ralf Heinke, Stephan Stöckel, Petra Rösch, Thomas Bocklitz, and Jürgen Popp. Towards an improvement of model transferability for raman spectroscopy in biological applications. Vibrational Spectrocopy, akzeptiert, 2016.
[4] Oleg Ryabchykov, Thomas Bocklitz, Anuradha Ramoji, Ute Neugebauer, Martin Foester, Claus Kroegel, Michael Bauer, Michael Kiehntopf, and Juergen Popp. Automatization of spike correction in Raman spectra of biological samples. Chemom. Intell. Lab. Syst., 155:1–6, 2016.
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