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Junior Research Group Ultra fast fiber lasers

Scientific Profile

Reliable and versatile ultrashort pulse laser sources in the mid-infrared wavelength range are one of the ‘dream tools’ of contemporary photonics engineering, opening up a wide field of research, industrial and medical applications. The mid-infrared wavelength range corresponds to vibrational absorption bands of all bio-molecules – unique signatures of chemical bonds in a tissue sample. Therefore, such laser systems present a desirable technology for non-invasive assessment of the biochemical content of tissues.

The group chooses a nontrivial approach to achieve ultrashort pulse generation with simple laser configurations and avoiding insertion of conventional saturable absorbers or artificial modulators. Our research targets development of novel ultrashort pulse lasers systems with tailored and extreme, spectral and temporal properties by shaping the generation via internal nonlinear and dispersive phenomena and exploring all avenues of available optical fibre materials and geometries. Innovative laser sources will enable investigation of the fundamental physics of nonlinear phenomena and frequency conversion to mid-infrared, therefore matching fundamental vibration bands of target molecules.

Research topics

  • fundamentals of ultrashort pulse dynamics in a laser cavity, investigation of nonlinear and dispersive processes
  • mode-locked laser systems via dissipative Faraday instability
  • scaling up the peak power of ultrashort pulses in the mid-infrared wavelength band
  • novel soft-glass fibres and fabrication of fibre-based components and implementation of Mid-IR laser concepts

The focus of the research group is a multidisciplinary approach to research, challenging to expand the expertise towards new fields of laser applications, such as biophotonics, medicine, sensing and safety. To address requirements of the broad variety of applications, the group gets together expertise in nonlinear optics, ultrashort pulse phenomena, material science and laser physics.

 Application fields

  • Fundamental studies in nonlinear optics, particularly, frequency conversion
  • Mid-infrared spectroscopy via the development of high-brightness mid-infrared laser systems
  • Medical applications with special emphasis on high power laser application for surgery
  • Rotation sensing via investigation of real-time ultrashort pulse dynamics

The high demand for high power and high brightness mid-infrared laser systems is set due to a variety of the emerging applications, primarily in life sciences, environmental and health and safety areas. The group aims at the development of an innovative fundamental technology platform based on Mid-IR laser systems and bringing it to the instrument prototype level.

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