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Basis for Photonic Solutions

Fiber Technology

Optical fibers are the basis for efficient photonic systems in signal transmission and information technology, high-power fiber light sources, and fiber optical sensors and probes. The aim of technological research at Leibniz IPHT is the development of novel fiber structures with active cores for fiber light sources, fibers with nonlinear properties, and photosensitive fiber structures in the nanometer range. With innovative material technologies and precise micro and nanostructures, fibers provide new opportunities for the targeted management of light propagation properties.

Micro and Nanotechnology

With state-of-the-art lithographic technology and methods of self-organization, complex functional micro and nanostructures can be developed and manufactured for detectors, plasmonic structures, and photonic systems. The combination of thin-film technology, nanolithography, and microsystems technology is a unique feature of Leibniz IPHT.

Systems Technology

Due to the variety of utilizable spectral ranges, the application potential offered by photonic systems is vast. The technological research performed at Leibniz IPHT is concentrated on the development and system integration of sensors and detectors that directly detect photons in a wide frequency range or use them as a tool in the measurement of derived physical values. The combination of state-of-the-art micro and nanotechnology and comprehensive competency in system integration is another feature of Leibniz IPHT.

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