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Optical Fiber Technology

Optical fibers are omnipresent in many areas of our daily life, even if users are not aware of that. It is not possible to imagine modern telecommunication, sensor technology, laser or illumination systems without optical fibers.

For more than 30 years, the Leibniz IPHT has continuously researched and developed materials and manufacturing processes for silica based optical fibers. The traditionally tight interlocking of in-house research and fabrication enables us to be on the frontline in the development and manufacturing of innovative fiber designs, and to actively support scientific and industrial partners. Proficient scientists, engineers and laboratory assistants cooperate in the entire process chain for manufacturing of complex optical fiber structures.

Innovative optical fibers produced at Leibniz IPHT

State-of-the-art preform and fiber fabrication technologies

  • chemical vapor deposition, powder based sintering and crucible melting technology for advanced preform manufacturing within a wide range of compositions, refractive index profiles and core cladding ratios
  • efficient cleaning processes for preparation of extreme pure silica glass
  • drawing towers for research as well as semi-industrial fiber fabrication
  • stack-and-draw processes for complex fibers 

Material research

  • thermodynamics and kinetics of dopant incorporation
  • dopant diffusion processes
  • thermal behavior of undoped and doped silica glasses
  • optical properties of glass bulk and fibers
  • glass transition, crystallization processes, atomic defects   
Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition (MCVD)
Reactive Powder Sintering Process (REPUSIL)
Crucible melting technology

Our competencies

  • rare earth doped fibers and bulk materials
  • microstructured fibers 
  • polarization maintaining fibers 
  • photosensitive fibers 
  • radiation resistant fibers 
  • fibers for chemical, environmental and biological sensing 
  • customer-designed fiber structures 
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