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Program Areas

According to its slogan "Photonics for Life", Leibniz-IPHT researches photonic and biophotonic processes and systems for questions and applications in medicine, the life and environmental sciences and pharmacy. This research takes place in the three program areas of biophotonics, fiber optics and photonic detection on the basis of photonic key technologies and enabling technologies. The application-oriented field of biophotonics forms the connecting link for all research activities at the institute.

The goal of the research activities is the development of biophotonic methods and technologies that advance into new dimensions in terms of resolution, sensitivity, specificity, speed, accuracy and automation. They thus lay the foundations for faster and more accurate medical diagnostics, for new therapies, for safe drugs, for a new quality of food and water analysis as well as for innovative safety technology, and serve to make life safer and healthier.

The Leibniz-IPHT covers the entire chain from basic technological research to translation into tailor-made solutions for various applications, according to the motto "From Ideas to Instruments". The translation of the knowledge gained towards users and recyclers is an integral part of the Institute's self-image.

In terms of content, the work within the three programme areas concentrates on six research fields which have equal access to the key technologies established at the Institute.

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