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Program Area Biophotonics

In the program area Biophotonics, innovative methods and tools of highest specificity, sensitivity and resolution are developed, researched, and realized for 

  • molecular spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging,
  • high-resolution light microscopy,
  • fibre-, chip- and nanoparticle-based analytics and diagnostics.

This approach is supported by the search for new markers and the realization of precisely fitting labels, among other things based on metallic nanoparticles. Applications range from clinical diagnostics (e.g. sepsis and cancer diagnostics) to food and environmental safety to basic research in the life sciences. One focus is on research into optical health technologies and the development of new pathological fields. The aim is to provide new analysis, diagnosis, and investigation methods for medical as well as life and environmental science partners and to act as a bridge between optics and photonics on the one hand and life and environmental sciences and medicine on the other.

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