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Excellent Fundamental Research Ensures Innovation

Fundamental research at Leibniz IPHT forms the base of new technological advancements. It ensures long-term development and is the driving force in other areas of science and technology. Application-oriented research quickly reaches its limits withoutthe further development of the underlying theories that accompanies such research. The high potential for innovation at Leibniz IPHT results from the close collaboration between those involved in fundamental and application-oriented research. The respective workgroups profit from active internal scientific transfer.

Knowledge-based science at IPHT functions as an impulse generator for the three research focuses Biophotonics, Fiber Optics, and Photonic Detection. Fundamental research makes it possible to develop new approaches from which application-oriented projects are able to profit directly. Theoretical knowledge leads to practical knowledge; hypotheses turn into education.

Methods of chemical analysis and diagnosis of DNA and their cell components are of great importance in addressing medical and biological issues. Conventional microscopic and spectroscopic techniques do not achieve, among others, the necessary spatial resolution. Leibniz IPHT is performing research on technologies in the field of nanoscopy that extend far beyond the possibilities offered by standard instruments.

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