Aluminum-Doped Zinc Oxide Improved by Silver Nanowires for Flexible, Semitransparent and Conductive Electrodes on Textile with High Temperature Stability

in: Materials (2023)
Hupfer, Maximilian L.; Gawlik, Annett; Dellith, Jan; Plentz, Jonathan
In order to facilitate the design freedom for the implementation of textile-integrated electronics, we seek flexible transparent conductive electrodes (TCEs) that can withstand not only the mechanical stresses encountered during use but also the thermal stresses of post-treatment. The transparent conductive oxides (TCO) typically used for this purpose are rigid in comparison to the fibers or textiles they are intended to coat. In this paper, a TCO, specifically aluminum-doped zinc oxide (Al:ZnO), is combined with an underlying layer of silver nanowires (Ag-NW). This combination brings together the advantages of a closed, conductive Al:ZnO layer and a flexible Ag-NW layer, forming a TCE. The result is a transparency of 20–25% (within the 400–800 nm range) and a sheet resistance of 10 W/sq that remains almost unchanged, even after post-treatment at 180 °C.

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