3D-nanoprinted on-chip antiresonant waveguide with hollow core and microgaps for integrated optofluidic spectroscopy

in: Optics Express (2023)
Kim, Jisoo; Bürger, Johannes; Jang, Bumjoon; Gargiulo, Julian; de S. Menezes, Leonardo; Maier, Stefan A.; Schmidt, Markus A.
Here, we unlock the properties of the recently introduced on-chip hollow-core microgap waveguide in the context of optofluidics which allows for intense light-water interaction over long lengths with fast response times. The nanoprinted waveguide operates by the antiresonance effect in the visible and near-infrared domain and includes a hollow core with defined gaps every 176 μm. The spectroscopic capabilities are demonstrated by various absorption-related experiments, showing that the Beer-Lambert law can be applied without any modification. In addition to revealing key performance parameters, time-resolved experiments showed a decisive improvement in diffusion times resulting from the lateral access provided by the microgaps. Overall, the microgap waveguide represents a pathway for on-chip spectroscopy in aqueous environments.

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