Logo Leibniz IPHT
Logo Leibniz IPHT

UC2 Workathon: Build your own Light Sheet Microscope!

Application until May 3rd

Hackathon in different categories:

  • 3D CAD Design and Printing

  • Software Engineering & Deploying on Raspi/ESP32
  • Design and Assembly of Electronic/Optical setup
  • Biohacking of Fluorescent Samples & Documentation

The Toolbox:

UC2 is an open-source modular platform for rapidly making e.g. optical projects, which
 simplifies alignment of optical setups). 

Who can participate?

Bachelor, Master and PhD students with skills in any of these areas: optics, microscopy, CAD, 3D-printing, mechanical engineering, electronics, soldering, or programming

More information & application
until May 3 at

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