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Leibniz-IPHT hosts age-appropriate experiment days for school students, targeting the respective grade levels. In response to the high demand for such exposure, Leibniz-IPHT initiated a Young Researchers’ Day in 2011, which has been requested regularly since then by school classes (4th grade and up). Leibniz-IPHT also partakes in the national "Girls’ Future Day" (formerly: Girls’ Day) and "School Scientists’ Day", an initiative of the Beutenberg Campus e.V.

In addition, Leibniz-IPHT holds special programs such as, for example, experiment shows in schools, facility tours, and student mentoring in the form of summer school or events for students. Furthermore, Leibniz-IPHT offers school students the opportunity to write their semester thesis at the institute and accompanies them during experiments as part of the “Young Researchers” program.

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