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Young researchers with a doctoral degree will find ideal conditions for their scientific careers at Leibniz IPHT.

The promotional tools of the independent groups of young researchers have existed at Leibniz IPHT since 2008. These entities, which are – organizationally speaking – affiliated with a research department, make it possible for outstanding post-doctoral candidates to establish their own innovative field of work. When this young researchers’ group is phased out after six years, the head should be in an advantageous position to competitively apply for professorships. Alternatively, this young researchers’ group – insofar as this would provide an integral advantage for Leibniz IPHT – could be continued as a research group or workgroup within a department at the institute.

The cross-disciplinary focus of the institute and the close network of industrial partners provide the post-doctoral candidates at Leibniz IPHT with a broader perspective.

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