Assessment of Advanced Oxidation Processes Using Zebrafish in a Non-Forced Exposure System: A Proof of Concept

in: Processes (2021)
Cabascango, Tamia; Ortiz, Karol; Sandoval Pauker, Christian; Pavón, Isabel Espinoza; Ramoji, Anuradha; Popp, Jürgen; Pérez, Jady; Pinto, C. Miguel; Rivera-Parra, José Luis; Muñoz-Bisesti, Florinella; Belén Aldás, María; Araújo, Cristiano V. M.; Vargas Jentzsch, Paul
Water bodies and aquatic ecosystems are threatened by discharges of industrial waters. Ecotoxicological effects of components occurring in untreated and treated wastewaters are often not considered. The use of a linear, multi-compartmented, non-forced, static system constructed with PET bottles is proposed for the quality assessment of treated waters, to deal with such limitations. Two synthetic waters, one simulating wastewater from the textile industry and the other one simulating wastewater from the cassava starch industry, were prepared and treated by homogeneous Fenton process and heterogeneous photocatalysis, respectively. Untreated and treated synthetic waters and their dilutions were placed into compartments of the non-forced exposure system, in which zebrafish (Danio rerio), the indicator organism, could select the environment of its preference. Basic physical–chemical and chemical parameters of untreated and treated synthetic waters were measured. The preference and avoidance responses allowed verification of whether or not the quality of the water was improved due to the treatment. The results of these assays can be a complement to conventional parameters of water quality.

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