Attenuation coefficients of selected organic and inorganic solvents in the mid-infrared spectral domain

in: Optical Materials Express (2022)
Junaid, Saher; Huang, Wenqin; Scheibinger, Ramona; Schaarschmidt, Kay; Schneidewind, Henrik; Paradis, Pascal; Bernier, Martin; Vallee, Real; Stanca, Sarmiza Elena; Zieger, Gabriel; Schmidt, Markus A.
Knowledge of the light attenuation by a material is essential for any photonic device, while liquids are insufficiently quantified, especially in the mid-infrared range. Here, we present a quantitative spectroscopic study reporting concrete attenuation values of the regions of low attenuation of selected organic and inorganic solvents up to 20 μm that is useful for light transport and nonlinear frequency conversion. In addition to prominent liquids, the study presents CBrCl3 as a promising candidate for optofluidics. Our study uncovers the potential of these solvents for waveguiding applications at long wavelengths and highlights the importance of careful liquid selection.

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