Boosting Efficiency in Light-Driven Water Splitting by Dynamic Irradiation through Synchronizing Reaction and Transport Processes**

in: ChemSusChem (2022)
Sender, Maximilian; Huber, Fabian Lukas; Moersch, Maximilian C. G.; Kowalczyk, Daniel; Hniopek, Julian; Klingler, Sarah; Schmitt, Michael; Kaufhold, Simon; Siewerth, Kevin; Popp, Jürgen; Mizaikoff, Boris; Ziegenbalg, Dirk; Rau, Sven
This work elaborates the effect of dynamic irradiation on lightdriven molecular water oxidation to counteract deactivation. It highlights the importance of overall reaction engineering to overcome limiting factors in artificial photosynthesis reactions. Systematic investigation of a homogeneous three-component ruthenium-based water oxidation system revealed significant potential to enhance the overall catalytic efficiency by synchronizing the timescales of photoreaction and mass transport in a capillary flow reactor. The overall activity could be improved by a factor of more than 10 with respect to the turnover number and a factor of 31 referring to the external energy efficiency by controlling the local availability of photons. Detailed insights into the mechanism of light driven water oxidation could be obtained using complementary methods of investigation like Raman, IR, and UV/Vis/emission spectroscopy, unraveling the importance of avoiding high concentrations of excited photosensitizers.

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