Photophysics and Photochemistry of Functional Interfaces

The structure and the light-induced dynamics and reactivity of photoactive interfaces and molecules are the focus of the scientific interest of the research group. Optical-spectroscopic setups and methods are being researched and adapted to study in particular the reactivity of electronically excited states in the systems under investigation. Thus, the research group addresses new questions, e.g. the mechanism of action of active agents for photodynamic therapy or catalytically competent intermediates in photoelectrochemical cells. The work aims to establish structure-dynamic-function relationships in order to contribute to the functional optimization of molecules and materials whose application makes our lives healthier and our environment cleaner.

Selected Research Topics

  • Spectral up-conversion of light in a polymeric system
  • Characterization of polymeric photo acids for light-induced drug release
  • Transient absorption spectroelectrochemistry provides insights into the physics of electronically excited states in a catalytically competent intermediate of a molecular hydrogen evolving photocatalyst

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