Active Fiber Modules

The central objective of the Active Fiber Modules work group is to develop innovative fiber light sources for new applications, especially in the life sciences. These include, for example, pulse power scaling for ultra-short pulse fiber lasers, but increasingly the extension of the spectral range. The new wavelengths will be generated both via the laser process and via non-linear optical effects in special fibers. The spectral control of the fiber light sources plays an important role here, for example via novel tuning concepts for fiber lasers. The research activities are consistently based on the following four key disciplines: Innovative fiber designs (based on extensive simulation possibilities), as well as novel fiber materials (from powder sintered to nanoparticle doped fibers), fiber components (e.g. tapers, couplers, and fiber Bragg gratings) and laser concepts (e.g. tunable and ring fiber lasers).

Research topics

  • Flexibly tunable fiber lasers, including multi-wavelength emission
  • Tapered fiber amplifiers for ultrashort pulses with megawatt pulse powers
  • Basic research on the long-term stability of laser fibers (e.g. photodarkening)
  • Supercontinuum generation in normal-dispersive fibers
  • Raman-based supercontinuum generation in fiber ring lasers
  • Nanoparticle-doped fibers for new laser transitions in active fibers

Areas of application

  • Broadband supercontinuum light sources for the life sciences
  • New applications in laser material processing, e.g. by very high pulse power for ultrashort pulses and spectral tunability of fiber lasers
  • Sensors and remote sensing
  • Development of new spectral ranges, in particular for the life sciences
  • Fiber-based supercontinuum generation in the visible wavelength range
  • Electronically tunable thulium-doped fiber laser

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