Coreless SQUID-based cryogenic current comparator for non-destructive intensity diagnostics of charged particle beams

in: Superconductor Science & Technology (2019)
Schmelz, Matthias; Schönau, Thomas; Anders, Solveig; Kunert, Jürgen; Tympel, Volker; Neubert, Ralf; Schmidl, Frank; Seidel, Paul; Stöhlker, Thomas; Stolz, Ronny; Haider, David; Schwickert, Marcus; Sieber, Thomas; Zakosarenko, Vyacheslav
We report on a novel concept and prototype development of a coreless non-destructive SQUID-based charged particle beam monitor for accelerator facilities. Omitting the typically used pickup coil with high permeability core leads to a significant improvement in low-frequency noise performance. A revised shielding geometry moreover allows for very compact and rather lightweight device designs. Based on highly sensitive SQUIDs featuring sub-micron cross-type Josephson tunnel junctions our prototype device exhibits a current sensitivity of about 6 pA/Hz1/2 in the white noise region. Together with a measured shielding factor of about 135 dB this opens up the way for its widespread use in modern accelerator facilities.

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