Signal amplification in a qubit-resonator system

in: Fizika Nizkikh Temperatur (Low Temperature Physics) (2016)
Karpov, Denis S.; Oelsner, Gregor; Shevchenko, Sergei N.; Greenberg, Yascha S.; Ilichev, Evgeni
We study the dynamics of a qubit-resonator system, when the resonator is driven by two signals. The interac-tion of the qubit with the high-amplitude driving we consider in terms of the qubit dressed states. Interaction of the dressed qubit with the second probing signal can essentially change the amplitude of this signal. We calculate the transmission amplitude of the probe signal through the resonator as a function of the qubit’s energy and the driving frequency detuning. The regions of increase and attenuation of the transmitted signal are calculated and demonstrated graphically. We present the influence of the signal parameters on the value of the amplification, and discuss the values of the qubit-resonator system parameters for an optimal amplification and attenuation of the weak probe signal.

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