Electroforming-free resistive switching in polycrystalline YMnO3 thin films

in: Journal of Applied Physics (2018)
Rayapati, Venkata Rao; Du, Nan; Bürger, Danilo; Patra, Rajkumar; Skorupa, Ilona; Stöcker, Hartmut; Matthes, Patrick; Schulz, Stefan E.; Schmidt, Heidemarie
Polycrystalline YMnO3 thin films sandwiched between an un-patterned bottom electrode (Pt or Pt/Ti) and a circular top electrode (Au or Al) reveal an electroforming-free, unipolar resistive switching. We report YMnO3 resistive switching devices endurance depending on the bottom electrode and the top electrode. The number of loading cycles of the Al/YMnO3/Pt resistive switch is larger than 103. The resistance ratio between the high resistance (OFF) and the low resistance (ON) state is larger than 104, which can be further increased to 105 by decreasing the diameter of the Al top electrode

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