Analysis of Low-Temperature Magnetotransport Properties of NbN Thin Films Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition

in: Magnetochemistry (2022)
Vegesna, Sahitya V.; Lanka, Sai V.; Linzen, Sven Peter; Bürger, Danilo; Li , Zichao; Schmidt, Heidemarie
Superconducting niobium nitride (NbN) films with nominal thicknesses of 4 nm, 5 nm, 7 nm, and 9nm were grown on sapphire substrates using atomic layer deposition (ALD).We observed probed Hall resistance (HR) (Rxy) in external out-of-plane magnetic fields up to 6 T and magnetoresistance (MR) (Rxx) in external in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic fields up to 6 T on NbN thin films in Van der Pauw geometry. We also observed that positive MR dominated. Our study focused on the analysis of interaction and localisation effects on electronic disorder in NbN in the normal state in temperatures that ranged from 50K down to the superconducting transition temperature. By modelling the temperature and magnetic field dependence of the MR data, we extracted the temperature-dependent Coulomb interaction constants, spin–orbit scattering lengths, localisation lengths, and valley degeneracy factors. The MR model allowed us to distinguish between interaction effects (positive MR) and localisation effects (negative MR) for in-plane and out-of-plane magnetic fields. We showed that anisotropic dephasing scattering due to lattice non-idealities in NbN could be neglected in the ALD-grown NbN thin films.

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