Silver nanostructures formation in porous Si/SiO2 matrix

in: Journal of Crystal Growth (2014)
Sivakov, Vladimir; Kaniukov, Egor Yu; Petrov, Alexander V.; Mazanik, Alexander; Bochmann, Arne; Teichert, Steffen; Hidi, Izabella-Jolan; Cialla, Dana; Trautmann, Christina; Popp, Jürgen; Demyanov, Sergey E.; Toimil-Molares, Maria E.; Korolik, Olga V.; Schleusener, Alexander
Self-organized silver nanostructures were grown in porous Si/SiO2 matrix fabricated by ion track technology. The different silver nanostructures with shapes like “sunflowers”, “azalea” or “corn” were realized by applying wet-chemical electroless deposition. We show that reproducible self-organized silver “sunflower” like nanostructures provide a high enhanced Raman signal of Nile blue dye molecules. Signal enhancement for a few or even just a single silver “sunflower” is demonstrated by analyzing the surface-enhanced Raman signature of Nile blue dye molecules. According to this, the silver nanostructures can act as efficient surfaces for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy as well as (bio)-sensorapplications.

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