On the possibility of PhotoEmission Electron Microscopy for E.coli advanced studies

in: Results in Physics (2020)
Turishchev, S. Yu.; Marchenko, Dmitriy; Sivakov, Vladimir; Chuvenkova, Olga; Parinova, V.E.; Koyuda, D.A.; Belikov, E. A.; Chumakov, Ratibor G.; Lebedev, A. M.; Kulikova, T. V.; Berezhnoy, A. A.; Valiakhmedova, I. V.; Praslova, N. V.; Preobrazhenskaya, E. V.; Antipov, S. S.
The novel approach was proposed for detailed high-resolution studies of morphology and physico-chemical properties concomitantly at one measurement spot of E.coli bacterial cells culture immobilized onto silicon wafer surface in UHV conditions applying PhotoEmission Electron Microscopy under Hg lamp irradiation. For the E.coli characterization scanning electron microscopy (electron beam) and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (X-ray tube radiation) were applied prior to PhotoEmission Electron Microscopy measurements. In spite of irradiation doses, collected for the cell arrays, we were successful in detection of high-resolution images even of single E.coli bacterium by PhotoEmission Electron Microscopy technique followed by detailed high-resolution morphology studies by scanning electron microscopy. These results revealed widespread stability of the E.coli membranes shape after the significant number of applied characterization techniques and irradiation doses.

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