A Time-Resolved Numerical Study of the Vapor−Liquid−Solid Growth Kinetics Describing the Initial Nucleation Phase as well as Pulsed Deposition Processes

in: Nano Letters (2013)
Eisenhawer, Björn; Sivakov, Vladimir; Christiansen, Silke; Falk, Fritz
Today, the Vapor-Liquid-Solid growth mechanism is a common process for the bottom-up growth of nanowires (NWs). Nevertheless, most of the literature only concerns the steady-state growth which applies when the amount of material supplied is equal to the amount consumed at the same time. Whilst this description is suitable for a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or electron beam deposition (EBE) process after the initial nucleation time, problems arise when pulsed growth processes like pulsed laser deposition (PLD) are used. The beginning of the growth of NWs also cannot be correctly described in the steady state model. In this article, we present a numerical simulation capable of describing the nucleation phase of the VLS growth process as well as a pulsed deposition process.

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