Microfluidic Filling and Spectroscopy of Colloidal CdSe/CdS Nanoplatelets in Liquid Core Fibers

in: arXiv (2023)
Spelthann, Simon; Chau, Dan Huy; Klepzig, Lars F.; Rudolph, Dominik A.; Chemnitz, Mario; Junaid, Saher; Ristau, Detlev; Schmidt, Markus A.; Lauth, Jannika; Steinke, Michael
Colloidal 2D semiconductor nanoplatelets are highly efficient light emitters, which exhibit large absorption and emission cross sections, and constitute promising laser gain media. However, if dispersed in solutions, such nanoplatelets lack a suitable optical platform for scalable and application-oriented integration into optical setups such as lasers. Here, we demonstrate the first successful integration of solution-processed 2D CdSe/CdS Core/Crown nanoplatelets in m-scale liquid core optical fibers. We compare the nanoplatelets’ spectroscopic properties before and after filling them into the fibers and find that spontaneous emission is shifted and broadened. We even observe a first evidence of stimulated emission at high excitation energies. In conclusion, liquid core fibers constitute a novel and scalable platform for optical integration of nanoplatelets for applications as novel, highly reconfigurable laser gain medium.

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