Generation and Processing of Complex Photon States with Quantum Frequency Combs

in: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters (2019)
Sciara, Stefania; Roztocki, Piotr; Rimoldi, Cristina; Chemnitz, Mario; Fischer, Bennet; Cortés, Luis Romero; Munro, William J.; Moss, David J.; Caspani, Lucia; Reimer, Christian; Azana, José; Kues, Michael; Morandotti, Roberto
The development of quantum technologies for quantum information (QI) science demands the realization and precise control of complex (multipartite and high dimensional) entangled systems on practical and scalable platforms. Quantum frequency combs (QFCs) represent a powerful tool towards this goal. They enable the generation of complex photon states within a single spatial mode as well as their manipulation using standard fiber-based telecommunication components. Here, we review recent progress in the development of QFCs, with a focus on results that highlight their importance for the realization of complex quantum states. In particular, we outline recent work on the use of integrated QFCs for the generation of high-dimensional multipartite optical cluster states – lying at the basis of measurement-based quantum computation. These results confirm that the QFC approach can provide a stable, practical, low-cost, and established platform for the development of quantum technologies, paving the way towards the advancement of QI science for out-of-the-lab applications, ranging from practical quantum computing to more secure communications.

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