Plasmonics in the visible domain for a one-dimensional truncated photonic crystal terminated by graphene: Sensing beyond Dirac point’s approximation

in: Physics Letters A (2021)
Alidoust Ghatar, A.; Jahani, Dariush; Fritzsche, Wolfgang; Garwe, Frank
Visible surface plasmon resonances (SPRs) could be excited by TE wave polarization in one-dimensional photonic crystals (PCs) coated by a graphene layer under the Kretschmann configuration. In this work, the plasmonic Bloch wave properties beyond Dirac points in a one-dimensional graphene-based photonic sensing structure have been numerically studied. We demonstrate that emergent plasmonic dips in the reflectance spectra of the suggested photonic device in the visible region exhibit tunable characteristics upon modulation of the chemical potential and the hopping parameter. The sensitivity of the sensor in the visible domain has been numerically evaluated and also was compared with those considering the surface plasmon resonances in the terahertz regime.

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