Multispectral Imaging Flow Cytometry with Spatially and Spectrally Resolving Snapshot-Mosaic Cameras for the Characterization and Classification of Bioparticles

in: Micromachines (2022)
Dittrich, Paul-Gerald; Kraus, Daniel; Henkel, Thomas; Ehrhardt, Enrico; Notni, Gunter
In the development and optimization of biotechnological cultivation processes the continuous monitoring through the acquisition and interpretation of spectral and morphological properties of bioparticles are challenging. There is therefore a need for the parallel acquisition and interpretation of spatially and spectrally resolved measurements with which particles can be characterized and classified in-flow with high throughput. Therefore, in this paper we investigated the scientific and technological connectivity of standard imaging flow cytometry (IFC) with filter-on-chip based spatially and spectrally resolving snapshot-mosaic cameras for photonic sensing and control in a smart and innovative microfluidic device. For the investigations presented here we used the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis (HP). These microalgae are used commercially to produce the antioxidant keto-carotenoid astaxanthin. Therefore, HP is relevant to practically demonstrate the usability of the developed system for Multispectral Imaging Flow Cytometry (MIFC) platform. The extension of standard IFC with snapshot-mosaic cameras and multivariate data processing is an innovative approach for the in-flow characterization and derived classification of bioparticles. Finally, the multispectral data acquisition and the therefore developed methodology is generalizable and enables further applications far beyond the here characterized population of HP cells.

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