A hydrogel based fluorescent micro array used for the characterization of liquid analytes

in: Analytica Chimica Acta (2009)
Thete, Aniket R.; Henkel, Thomas; Göckeritz, Robert; Endlich, Michael; Köhler, J. Michael; Gross, G. Alexander
A fluorimetric micro spot array using non-specific recognition function is described for the analysis of liquid samples. The array was composed of binary mixtures of various fluorescence dyes which were embedded in a hydrogel matrix. The interactions between the fluorescent dyes and their molecular surrounding inside the hydrogel, influence their fluorescencewave length and intensities. The arraywas used for the characterization of solvent mixtures. Developed fluorescence patterns of the complete array aswell as the fluorescence intensity changes of single spots were analysed. It was proven, that specific analytical information can be gained using this non-specific recognition approach. The identification of some alcoholic beverages is described as an example of the application of this method when used for quality control purposes. Analogous to the appellation “electronic nose” and “electronic tongue” the described micro spot array acts as an “optochemical tongue”.

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