Detailed numerical investigation of the interaction of longitudinal acoustic waves with fiber Bragg gratings in suspended-core fibers

in: Optics Communications (2015)
Silva, Ricardo E.; Hartung, Alexander; Rothhardt, Manfred; Pohl, Alexandre A. P.; Bartelt, Hartmut
The interaction between longitudinal acoustic waves and fiber Bragg gratings in suspended-core optical fibers is numerically investigated. The fiber core size and the air hole size are varied, and the mechanical and grating properties are simulated by means of the finite element method and the transfer matrix method, respectively. Changes of the effective index, confinement factor, silica area, strain and wave- length shift induced by the acoustic wave are evaluated, and the resultant side lobe reflectivity is estimated. A side lobe reflectivity increase of 66% compared to standard fibers is estimated, which allows reducing the modulation index or the grating length in as much as75%. Besides, the larger reduction of the required acoustic power for achieving the acousto-optic modulation points out to more efficient modulator devices in suspended-core fibers.

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