Evolution of fluorine doping following the REPUSIL process for the adjustment of optical properties of silica materials

in: Optical Materials Express (2015)
Schuster, Kay; Grimm, Stephan; Kalide, André; Dellith, Jan; Leich, Martin; Schwuchow, Anka; Langner, Andreas; Schötz, Gerhard; Bartelt, Hartmut
We report on the fluorine doping and codoping of powder-based silica bulk glasses fabricated using REPUSIL technology. The maximum doping level of 1.5 mol% of SiF4 is associated with a refractive index decrease by -8 x 10¬-3 compared to undoped silica and an essential decrease in the transition temperature by about 200 K. Fluorine codoping is eminently suitable for the direct refractive index adjustment of actively-doped silica glass materials (e.g., Al/Yb or Al/Tm). The fluorine codoping of Al/Yb silica glass significantly reduces parasitic photodarkening processes.

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