High Pressure Synthesized Magnesium Diboride- and Dodecaboride-Based Superconductors: Structure and Properties

in: Materials Science Forum (2011)
Prikhna, Tetiana A.; Gawalek, Wolfgang; Savchuk, Yaroslav M.; Mamalis, Athanasios; Tkach, Vasiliy N.; Weber, Harald W.; Habisreuther, Tobias; Eisterer, Mikhael; Karau, Friedrich; Wendt, Michael; Sergienko, Nina V.; Moshchil, Viktor E.; Kozyrev, Artem; Nagorny, Peter A.; Schmidt, Christa; Melnikov, Vladimir; Dellith, Jan; Litzkendorf, Doris; Noudem, Jacques; Chaud, Xavier; Sverdun, Vladimir B.; Shapovalov, Andrey; Starostina, Alexandra
The critical current density, jc, of high-pressure synthesized MgB2-based balk materials correlates with the amount and distribution of higher borides (MgB12) and Mg-B-O inclusions, which in tern correlates with the synthesis temperature and presence of additions (Ti, Ta, SiC). High-pressure-synthesized materials with near MgB12 composition of matrix exhibited superconducting transition temperature, Tc, of about 37 K, rather high jc (5∙105 and 103 A/cm2 in 0 T and 3.5 T, respectively, at 20 K) and doubled matrix microhardness: 25±1.1 GPa at 4.9 N –load as compared to materials with MgB2).

DOI: Array

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