Fiber-optic Bragg gratings as magnetic field-insensitive strain sensors for the surveillance of cryogenic devices

in: Cryogenics (2009)
Latka, Ines; Ecke, Wolfgang; Höfer, Bernd; Habisreuther, Tobias; Willsch, Reinhardt
While conventional electrical resistance strain gages show increasing cross-sensitivities to temperature and magnetic field with decreasing temperature down to liquid helium, it has been found that fiber-optic Bragg grating strain sensors show negligible thermo-optic and magneto-optic effects in cryogenic environments; therefore, they allow reliable strain measurements. These specific application advantages of optical fiber Bragg grating sensors at low temperatures, together with the electrical isolation and low electro-magnetic interference, low thermal conductivity and their multiplexing capability, make them 27attractive for structural health monitoring in cryogenic devices such as superconductive magnets. In this paper we present low temperature characteristics of fiber Bragg grating-based sensors and address application-based side effects such as induced birefringence

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