Fiber Bragg grating based spatially resolved characterization of flux-pinning-induced strain of disk-shaped bulk YBCO samples

in: Cryogenics (2009)
Latka, Ines; Habisreuther, Tobias; Zeisberger, Matthias
A new optical method for the characterization of magnetostrictive effects in bulk superconductors will be presented. Several of wavelength encoded fiber Bragg gratings can be inscribed in one fiber with small spatial distances, which gives the possibility to measure magnetostrictive effects spatially resolved. To demonstrate the performance, samples with Bragg grating arrays glued onto the surface of an YBCO disk where tested in a superconducting solenoid at temperatures of 60 K and magnetic inductances of 6.5 T. For the first time the radius position dependent strain and not only sum effects could be measured. It was stated that in the remnant state both, elongating and compressive strain, occur. This is in agreement with our simulations.

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