Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells Based on Diode Laser Crystallization and a-Si:H Hetero-Emitter

in: Temporal Proceedings (2014)
Höger, Ingmar; Jia, Guobin; Gawlik, Annett; Schönherr, Sven; Pliewischkies, Torsten; Brückner, Uwe; Plentz, Jonathan; Andrä, Gudrun; Falk, Fritz
We present progress in multicrystalline silicon thin film solar cells on glass substrates with Absorbers based on a liquid phase diode laser crystallization process resulting in grains up to 1 mm in size. The grain boundary population is dominated by Σ3 twin grain boundaries that show low recombination strength. Planar devices are prepared by an excimer laser induced epitaxial liquid phase crystallization process forming a homo-junction. An effective light trapping is applied by wet chemical etching of silicon nanowires. The nano-structured samples received an a-Si:H hetero-emitter. By applying the light trapping, short circuit current densities above 30 mA/cm² are realized topping the highest values of the planar system by 15%. Nevertheless both, the planar and the nanowire solar cells, yield efficiencies of 10% since the open circuit voltage drops after preparing the nanowires due to the increased surface area.

DOI: Array

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