Plasmonic Coupling and Long-Range Transfer of an Excitation along a DNA Nanowire

in: ACS Nano (2013)
Toppari, Jussi; Wirth, Janina; Garwe, Frank; Stranik, Ondrej; Csáki, Andrea; Bergmann, Joachim; Paa, Wolfgang; Fritzsche, Wolfgang
We demonstrate an excitation transfer along a fluorescently labeled dsDNA nanowire over a length of several micrometers. Launching of the excitation is done by exciting the localized surface plasmon mode of a 40 nm silver nanoparticle by 800 nm femtosecond laser pulses via two-photon absorption. The plasmonic energy is subsequently coupled to the nanowire and propagates along it inducing a bleaching of the dye on its way. In situ as well as ex situ fluorescence microscopy was utilized to observe the phenomenon. In addition, transfer of the energy to another dye labeled nanoparticle over a separation of 5.7 Bm was observed. The observed phenomenon could be utilized in novel molecular systems providing long needed communication method between the molecular devices.

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