[FeFe]-Hydrogenase H-cluster mimics mediated by naphthalene monoimide derivatives of peri-substituted dichalcogenides

in: Dalton Transactions (2017)
Abul-Futouh, Hassan; Zagranyarski, Yulian; Müller, Carolin; Schulz, Martin; Kupfer, Stephan; Görls, Helmar; El-khateeb, Mohammad; Gräfe, Stefanie; Dietzek, Benjamin; Peneva, Kalina; Weigand, Wolfgang
Synthetic models of the active site of [FeFe]-hydrogenase containing naphthalene monoimide (NMI) of peri-substituted dichalcogenides as bridging linker have been prepared and characterized using different spectroscopic methods. The influence of the imide functionality and the chalcogen atoms on the electrochemical redox property of the complexes 7-10 were studied using cyclic voltammetry. The results revealed that the imide functionality has improved the chemical stability of the reduced species and the replacement of the S atoms by Se caused a positive shift in the oxidation peaks. Moreover, the optical properties of the compounds 1, 2, 4, 5 and the respective diiron complexes 7-10 were investigated by UV-Vis absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy assisted by quantum chemical simulations. The structures of complexes.

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