Photophysics of a bis-furan functionalized 4,7-bis(phenylethynyl)-2,1,3- benzothiadiazole, a building block for dynamic polymers

in: ChemPhotoChem (2019)
Micheel, Mathias; Ahner, Johannes; Hager, Martin D.; Dietzek, Benjamin; Neumann, Clara; Frey, Martha
Dynamically linked polymers (dynamers) have attracted attention as a versatilebuilding block for, e.g., self-healing polymers. However, research on combiningoptically active materials with dynamic chemistry is still in its infancy. Here, we reporton a highly emissive arylene ethynylene oligomer bearing a bis-furan functionalization,which makes it suitable for the utilization in Diels-Alder dynamers. By combiningsteady-state and time-resolved absorption and emission spectroscopy from the femtotothe nanosecond timescale, the molecular dynamics of the excited state of themonomeric building block and the corresponding Diels-Alder polymer have beeninvestigated in detail. While in solution, no pronounced differences in theirphotophysics were observed, thin films of the polymer exhibit a distinct dual emissionwith single chromophore and excimer character, respectively.

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