Covalent Photosensitizer–Polyoxometalate-Catalyst Dyads for Visible-Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution

in: Chemistry-A European Journal (2016)
Schönweiz, Stefanie; Rommel, Sebastian Andreas; Kübel, Joachim; Micheel, Mathias; Dietzek, Benjamin; Rau, Sven; Streb, Carsten
A general concept for the covalent linkage of coordination compounds to bipyridine-functionalized polyoxometalates is presented. The new route is used to link an iridium photosensitizer to an Anderson-type hydrogen-evolution catalyst. This covalent dyad catalyzes the visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and shows superior HER activity compared with the non-covalent reference. Hydrogen evolution is observed over periods >1 week. Spectroscopic, photophysical, and electrochemical analyses give initial insight into the stability, electronic structure, and reactivity of the dyad. The results demonstrate that the proposed linkage concept allows synergistic covalent interactions between functional coordination compounds and reactive molecular metal oxides.

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