Understanding Nonlinear Pulse Propagation in Liquid Strand-Based Photonic Bandgap Fibers

in: Crystals (2021)
Schaarschmidt, Kay; Li, Guangrui; Qi, Xue; Junaid, Saher; Scheibinger, Ramona; Lühder, Tilman; Schmidt, Markus A.
Ultrafast supercontinuum generation crucially depends on the dispersive properties of the underlying waveguide. This strong dependency allows for tailoring nonlinear frequency conversion and is particularly relevant in the context of waveguides that include geometry-induced resonances. Here, we experimentally uncovered the impact of the relative spectral distance between the pump and the bandgap edge on the supercontinuum generation and in particular on the dispersive wave formation on the example of a liquid strand-based photonic bandgap fiber. In contrast to its air-holebased counterpart, a bandgap fiber shows a dispersion landscape that varies greatly with wavelength. Particularly due to the strong dispersion variation close to the bandgap edges, nanometer adjustments of the pump wavelength result in a dramatic change of the dispersive wave generation (wavelength and threshold). Phase-matching considerations confirm these observations, additionally revealing the relevance of third order dispersion for interband energy transfer. The present study provides additional insights into the nonlinear frequency conversion of resonance-enhanced waveguide systems which will be relevant for both understanding nonlinear processes as well as for tailoring the spectral output of nonlinear fiber sources.

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