Long-term stable supercontinuum generation and watt-level transmission in liquid-core optical fibers

in: Optics Letters (2019)
Schaarschmidt, Kay; Xuan, Hongwen; Kobelke, Jens; Chemnitz, Mario; Hartl, Ingmar; Schmidt, Markus A.
Due to their unique properties such as transparency, tunability, nonlinearity, and dispersion flexibility, liquid-core fibers represent an important approach for future coherent midinfrared light sources. However, the damage thresholds of these fibers are largely unexplored. Here we report on the generation of soliton-based supercontinua in carbon disulphide (CS2) liquid-core fibers at average power levels as high as 0.5 W operating stably for a long term (>70 h) without any kind of degradation or damage. Additionally, we also show stable high-power pulse transmission through liquidcore fibers exceeding 1 W of output average power for both CS2 and tetrachloroethylene as core materials.

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